What to Prepare at Home during Floods to Stay Safe

There are many people who are also affected by floods in different countries. This can either be flash floods or expected floods in their areas. There are some things that people should also prepare for when of floods in their area. Below are some flood safety tips to keep you safe and secure:

Before the flood occurs

  1. There are some flood plains that are often identified by home builders; these are the areas where you should avoid building your houses.
  2. Build some barriers that can stop flood water from entering your home such as beams, levees, or flood walls.
  3. Waterproof the walls of basements to avoid any seepage of water.
  4. Listen to the television or radio for any information about the floods in your area.
  5. Become more knowledgeable about the differences of flood watch and flood warning

When the flood is imminent

Have A Plan
  1. Prepare your bag with the important items you might need if you evacuate the area. Items such as medications, communication devices, food, water, and light source.
  2. If there is an advisory to evacuate the house, do evacuate immediately.
  3. If your area has possibilities of having flash floods, you should move to higher grounds.
  4. If it is still possible to move outdoor furniture inside the house and move important items to upper floors, do so.
  5. Disconnect all electrical appliances and turn off the main switch or valves if instructed to do so.

During floods

  1. Do not walk through moving water even if it is low because it can make you fall.
  2. If needed to pass through moving water, use a stick to check for any open manholes or to check the firmness of the ground.
  3. If the flood water is rising around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground if you are able to do it safely.
  4. Do not touch any electrical equipment if you are standing in water or if you are wet.
  5. Remember rising Flood waters are considered Harmful and full of contaminants.They are category 3 floods according to Water Damage Restoration Expert.
  6. Unplug all electrical items, and were rubber boots
  7. Heed all warnings from authorities
  8. After Flood resides , call an expert flood restoration company.
  9. Do not attempt to do just do carpet cleaning after a flood . Carpets need to be thrown away along with any cellulose materials, carpet, pad , drywall, cabinets, furniture if they were damaged by rising flood waters.