The Different Water Rescue Equipment

Today’s climate change affects people’s lives and the way they live. Places that were not hit by flood before have already experienced water overflow these days. Even a highly urbanized city can be hit by flood. Ordinary citizens and rescue personnel should be aware and ready for this situation. That’s why the use of water rescue equipment should now be considered by everyone, below is a list:

  • Rescue vest – this vest was designed specifically to meet the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for rescuing and facing the challenge of swift and big flood. The vest provides a comfortable and secure fit that its performance is very effective both in and out of the water.
  • Rope throw bag – this equipment is very important when rescuing in flooded area provided that heaving line is easily controlled to assist overboard emergencies and areas with strong flood current.
  • Havoc helmet – a kind of helmet that fits one-size and lets you quickly and easily adjust, perfect for almost any head size. The helmet offers excellent impact protection for the head.
  • Water rescue rope – the rope should be strong, flexible and floats on the water for any rescue mission.
  • Rescue light – this includes flashlights, emergency lights, and spinlock life jacket light for signalling. These devices are very important and useful in rescuing especially at night.
  • Binocular – one of the most important innovations of binoculars is its record setting light transmission feature, good for the dark and sharp high contrast images in daylight. This gadget helps rescuers in the dark and heavy rain rescue mission.
  • Rescue gloves – different rescue gloves are available depending on the weather and the work that will be done. There are gloves that are designed for extremely tough and warm situations.
  • Work boot wet shoe – this is used by river professionals rescue agencies and navy seals because this is the hardest-working river boot available today.

These water rescue equipment are very useful in any rescue mission to save lives.