The Dangers Of Spokane River

Spokane River is about 111 miles long that can be found in the northern Idaho and Eastern Washington of the United States. It crosses Rathdrum Prairie until it reaches Post Falls, Idaho, passes a dam as well as a natural waterfall which is about 40 feet. It passes over 5 dams in the westward section wherein 4 of it are in the Spokane City. The entire drainage basin or watershed of the Spokane River is about 6,240 square miles or 16,200 km. It has a mean yearly discharge of 7,946 cubic feet per second.

As of now, Spokane city has the largest human settlement on the Spokane River banks reaching to 425,000 in its population. This is one of the reasons why the Swift water rescue team are doing their best to inform the people how unsafe the river can be. Below are the following details that everyone should know:

  • The strong currents could easily swift anyone away, it can be very dangerous to anyone who attempts to battle it and do self-rescue, considering the debris floating around.
  • The water is cold enough to cause hypothermia.
  • The under current is strong enough to even move cars down the stream.
  • The water could reach to more than 36,000 feet, and if someone gets caught, he or she can expect a lot of force against him or her.
  • Because of its dangers, at times the government do not allow the river for any recreational purposes; and if caught, he or she could face a misdemeanour charge.

People should be wary and be informed, especially to the ones that are living near the river. The dangers of flood damage and water damage has already been noted and experienced by the people in the city of Spokane. All precautionary measures must be taken especially if heavy rains and storm comes in, being updated with the latest weather forecast is a must.