Rescue Volunteers And Fire Fighters: Responsibilities and Skills

Safety is first and foremost. It is important that everyone should be careful in using their appliances, and this can be done by not leaving it open for long periods of time since this can cause fire. Before going out of the house, make sure that they are unplugged. Fire can occur anytime without warning, and this is why we have rescue volunteers and fire fighters dedicated to serve and save lives. A rescue volunteer mostly works in the fire department and performs fire suppression and other related emergency. Depending upon the location and availability of services, rescue volunteers may be responsible for the following:

  • Controlling of structure fires including forest fires.
  • Includes first responders and emergency medical technician.
  • Hazardous material response and other related duties.
  • Performs fire safety and prevention education.
  • Local civil defense or disaster relief liaison.

Some rescue volunteers may be part of the fire department that utilizes both part-time and full-time duties. In addition, a station must be regularly staffed for fast and quick response before, during and after an incident. Fire fighters are rescuers that are intensively trained in fire fighting. They are also competent and collaborated in medical emergency services and sometimes in crime scenes, because every fire scene is technically a crime scene. Fire fighters must possess these basic skills:

  • Prevention – attempts to ensure control of energy from activation, which means that no place simultaneously has enough fuel, heat and air to allow ignition and combustion.
  • Self-preservation – a tool carried at all times and all the other important tools for self-protection. Example of this is Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), used for protection against smoke inhalation. Another is Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) that is commonly worn by fire fighters as part of SCBA to alert others in case one of their personnel calls for help, the alarm will sound.
  • Rescue – it involves several rescues and removing trapped resident on hazardous situation.
  • Fire control – fire fighters are equipped with tools for controlling fire such as ladder truck, tanker truck, pumper truck, fire hose and fire extinguisher.

These are just a few skills that a fire fighter should possess to be able to do the job effectively and efficiently.