Life Jackets: The Dangers WhenNot Worn Around The Water

A river is very different from a beach especially with its current. People can enjoy the beach with a low current and stay near the shore, but as you go deeper, it can be very strong. However, a river like Spokane is definitely not an ordinary river that you can just easily swim to or do water activities without using any life jackets. Anyone could be swept away with its very strong current conditions particularly if you’ve had a drink before swimming in it.

Just this year, a woman in her mid-30’s was unconscious and unresponsive when rescued from the Spokane River at Mirabeau Park Sunday one afternoon by two people who were enjoying their boat ride on the river. The woman and her husband were drinking, and then they bet on each other on whoever swims across the river first. The husband saw his wife who went under water and floating downstream. Both of them were not wearing any life jackets. Here is the full story of this woman

There is always a high risk of drowning if any flotation equipment is not properly worn when navigating the river. The Spokane Valley Fire Department strongly advices all people who would like to go on the river to wear flotation devices such as life jackets and helmets to avoid head injuries, and to be with experienced partners is also highly encouraged. Below are the dangers if one does not wear life jackets when in the water:

  • Drowning can be fast and quick considering the factors such as the weather, current, noise, wind, and alcohol. Being immersed in the water can make you involuntarily gasp especially if the water is cold. And if your gasping under water, this could be your last breath.
  • Any swimmers ability may not help since your muscles can seize up and keeping your head above the water can be very hard and impossible. If you are wearing more clothes in the cold water, it will be a fight for your survival, feet could sink and then limbs will not function properly. This is called swim failure and it can happen to even the best swimmers.

Life jackets can save lives and you can have your head out of the water quickly during in a panicking moment. You can grab on to something because your body is assisted by the life jacket to float and see whats up ahead. Boats and search rescue people can easily see you and it can extend the time of surviving from the cold shock and hypothermia. In the Water Damage San Diego there is  No matter how uncomfortable you are with it, as long as your in the water for any activity, you are sure that your life has a greater chance of not getting drowned.